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Beginning Steps to Creating a Sustainability Program for Your Business


Sustainability is For Everyone - Description

Creating and implementing a new sustainability program can be daunting – where to start? This book is meant to act as a roadmap of sorts. Consider it the ABCs of starting a sustainability program. It is meant to be a practical tool for any company or organization to use. It is essentially a hands-on approach to implementing a sustainability program into any organization (public, private, government, non-profit, etc.), regardless of size or length of time in business. It offers a meaningful ways to make any business operations more sustainable.

This book is not about creating a sustainability program to simply check a box. Instead, what is contained within these pages are meaningful ways to make your business operations more sustainable. The intent is to create a holistic, integrated sustainable ecosystem that is at once both impactful and inclusive. The ideas offered within outline practical steps and suggestions to creating a comprehensive program across your organization that engages both senior executives and employees in your efforts. The author aims to take the guesswork out of creating your program by providing straightforward suggestions and real world examples. Sustainability can be a passion or an after-thought, but when a sound approach is followed, it can build momentum into a truly thriving activity that invites the full support of the community. 

Lael Giebel has applied the wide-ranging concepts of an ecological generalist to the specific field of community and corporate sustainability, and from within the traditionally difficult operating circumstances of the bureaucratic world, she has consistently crafted practical, educational responses to basic issues facing us today. A much needed orderly and pragmatic guide. 

Phil Hawes
Ph.D Author of "The EcoVillage Design-Build Handbook: Creating Sustainable Human-Ecosystems" Architect, Biosphere II

Lael Giebel’s approach to sustainability is at once both pragmatic and comprehensive. Her passion for the environment, coupled with her education and experience make her an effective leader in the industry.

Graham Hill
Founder, CEO, LifeEdited, 
The Carbonauts

Lael Giebel is one of the true crusaders to make a change for our world. Her knowledge on the subject and dedication is praiseworthy. I have had the amazing opportunity to work with her as she established and grew sustainability programs. Her passion and drive make her a true environmental warrior. Every company needs to do this.

Erika Lance

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